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As Leaders and Executives we can often feel exasperated with the amount of time we spend supporting our employees, and managing people, bogged down in the day to day and constantly feeling like there are not enough hours in the day.

I get it.

What would it mean for you to reconnect with your passion and glide through the week with precision focus, feeling grounded and productive and amazed at what you can accomplish in a week? 

Even more than that, watching your previously difficult employees become your inspired and motivated employees, efficiently and effectively get on with their work, finding solutions, while you master effective time management and stay focussed on your own priorities.

Gain the Confidence to Lead your Team to Thrive

Sometimes we can feel like we are letting our team members down because we are uncertain of how to create the best environment to complement their skills and interests, worried we may lose great people because we are letting them down.

Imagine feeling confident and certain that you know exactly what is needed to create a culture where your team members thrive, solving problems you didn’t even know existed and bringing strategies and innovation to their role with passion and excitement consistently.

At times things can get complicated, people’s performance can slip or not match our expectations. We feel powerless, incompetent and uncomfortable with how to address it so we just let it go. Over time it consumes our energy and we feel exasperated, incompetent and even feel like an imposter.


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Liz About Page

About Liz Murray: founder, coach, trainer & mentor at Edge of Possibilities

After over 20 years in Executive Leadership, I love helping people identify their potential by mentoring and championing exceptional leaders to thrive in their work, relationships and in life.

I am passionate about empowering leaders to achieve their success utilising creativity, innovation and collaboration through increased self-awareness and a constant focus on strengthening Emotional Intelligence.


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in Executive Leadership

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I know how it feels to go through the daily grind...

... making mistakes, experiencing the feeling of not being good enough and knowing the value of having a great Coach and Mentor who has your back in the tough times and champions you through the challenges, stretching your thinking and opening your mind to the possibilities. 

We have amazing potential and the journey is much more rewarding when someone who really cares about us is there to help us maintain our focus and seize the opportunities available.

Edge of Possibilities Leadership Manifesto

Leader - One who holds themselves accountable for igniting potential in people and processes.


I want to

Empower you to create cultures where passionate teams bring creativity, collaboration and critical thinking to produce outstanding results, going beyond what they previously thought was possible every day.


My aim for us is

With laser focus and determination-
we break new ground
igniting our passion
stretching our boundaries and exploring the Edge of Possibilities.


As we work together

We are focused and determined
We rock a resilient mindset
We are organised
We live with integrity
We take full responsibility for our results
We provide timely and honest feedback
We take ourselves lightly and have fun


I ask you to

Show up with courage and play full out
Commit to living the best version of yourself every day

Testimonials - Happy Clients

Wow, the motivation and passion that Liz has for her clients is unbelievable.


After my first session with Liz, I was able to close 3 new clients in that week and generate 10 new possible clients. All by re channelling my mindset.


If you’re looking to create a new mindset and boost motivation, the. You need to speak with Liz immediately!! 


City and Regional Cleaning

I recently completed some sessions with Liz for my Meta Dynamics tool unpack. I was able to gain some great insights into myself and changes l could make to bring me closer to the goals I want to achieve and see why being creative is so important to me in my work. I highly recommend Liz as a top coach and awesome person.


Antz Building

I was fortunate enough to work with Liz at a particular dark time in my life. I was at a crossroads in my career & my self-esteem had taken a bashing.


Our first couple of sessions I felt she heard me, had my best interest in her heart & gently challenged me into new thinking (although at times she was firm enough to not let me get away with my stinking thinking anymore!).


My entire experience of her work with me was invaluable! I felt a light at the end of the tunnel by the end of our work together, had a clear vision of where I wanted to be, & couldn’t have gotten there without her! Her energy & feedback in me I will eternally be grateful for & feel strong hope for my future, which I definitely didn’t prior to our work.



Liz an amazing person with a gift of intuition and an even bigger gift of sharing exactly who she is, which in turn creates a perfect space for self acceptance & discovery.

A fabulous leader and facilitator for setting and achieving personal or professional goals.

Thanks for being audaciously you Liz

Kylie Harris


Liz really knows how to get the most the people she works with.

The tools she uses to understand her clients are incredible. Though I feel as though she figured me out from the moment we sat down.

Well worth investing in yourself for the results you can achieve!

Kris Morris


Do you feel like there is something you should be doing and don't know what it is?

A little self doubt, uncertainty and insecurity creeping in?

Coaching helps us reconnect with our sense of CONFIDENCE and get CLARITY on exactly what to do and how to do it.

Are you ready???

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