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Now available as a virtual workshop for your team

Now available as a virtual workshop for your team

Workshop: Mastering Difficult Conversations- Advanced Skills

What is avoiding conversations costing you?

Its not just the time, but the mental energy AND the frustration of your team members who wish you would just get on with addressing the issue so their fellow team member stops dragging the team down.

The cost of avoiding difficult conversations is huge and generally underestimated.

People who avoid difficult conversations in their work life tend to have difficulty setting healthy boundaries in ALL areas of their lives.

Are you sick of letting people walk all over you and rob you of your time and mental energy?


It’s time to take back your momentum and your life.


Move from feeling completely incompetent to feeling incredibly courageous. Even more than that, you will learn how to leave others feeling inspired each time you provide constructive feedback.

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In this workshop you will learn what has stopped you from leaning in to difficult conversations in the past so you can move forward with certainty about exactly how to address situations with ease that once would have left you stuck in  feelings of fear and dread.


A cornerstone of true connection is the ability to have DIFFICULT CONVERSATIONS.

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The best time to start living your best life is today.

Still reading… Take the first step in reclaiming your personal power NOW.

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Quarter 2


Insiders scoop on why that team member is so bloody frustrating.

Why is it that some people leave us feeling exasperated? The thought of having to address something with them keeps us awake at night and leaves us with a sick feeling in the pit of our stomach when we see them coming.

How is it that some team members walk away from a conversation and we feel excited and inspired about what is next, and others leave us with a squirming feeling, all energy draining from our body and we want to hide in a quiet spot or skull another double shot of coffee?

Understanding the four personality types and what drives each, helps us to build empathy and even more than that, helps us understand how to proactively support our team members regardless of how we feel at the end of an interaction.

This workshop will inspire you to build instant rapport with everyone on your team, including your upline and downline colleagues. You will transform your thinking around previously held beliefs and look forward to embracing the opportunities that getting to know them better gives you.

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