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Services: What Edge of Possibilities do

Whether it’s finding your mojo and re-connecting with your WHY or supporting you to achieve beyond what you ever felt was possible, I will reignite your passion and inspire you to rekindle your focus and determination.

I mentor Leaders and Executives to create a space where excellence is the norm and where high performing teams thrive toward the Edge of Possibilities.

I work with professionals in leadership and executive roles who are passionate about continuous self-improvement and know the importance of constantly strengthening our Emotional Intelligence to excel in all areas of life.

I will ignite your potential, stretch your boundaries and champion you to break new ground so that you excel in leadership, strive toward your VISION and create the Cultural Change you have been waiting for.

  • Leadership & Executive Coaching & Mentoring
  • Coaching for Teams and Organisations
  • Training
  • Pricing

Leadership and Executive Coaching and Mentoring

Using a range of tools including the Meta Dynamics™ comprehensive analysis, I work with Leaders and Executives to identify your core drivers, signature qualities, strengths and competencies as well as your challenges and opportunities for growth.

Through this process you will learn how to organise your time and refine your focus to set benchmarks and structures that allow you to create and maintain exceptional cultural standards for yourself and your team members toward your Vision.

Individual Coaching and Mentoring strengthens our ability to:

Identify areas for personal growth to take our performance to the Edge of Possibilities

Enhance our self-awareness and emotional intelligence

Inspire team members toward our Vision and Mission

Utilise our strengths

Anticipate future threats and opportunities

Create cultures where passionate team members are fully engaged and thrive

EOP G Only

Effectively manage difficult conversations with difficult employees

Prioritise what matters most and succeed in achieving these crucial outcomes

Utilise effective time management strategies

Maintain a solutions focus

Lead cultural change

Strengthen skills in supporting the individual needs of team members


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Coaching for Teams and Organisations

Meta Dynamics™ is a powerful tool designed to help individuals and teams understand their thinking preferences and behavioural styles and unlock a deeper awareness of themselves and the complexities of the team. Following the Meta Dynamics™ structure, I work with teams in groups to identify existing strengths and limitations in terms of the following areas:

  • Environment

    Cultural change through effective utilisation of Mission, Vision, Values, personal strengths, self-actualisation.

  • Structure

    Strategic Thinking, innovation management, planning and decision making

  • Implementation

    Autonomy, critical thinking, creativity, outcomes, orderliness, accountability, time management and productivity.

  • People

    Mentoring, social expertness, collaboration, mindfulness and self-awareness to manage people effectively for optimal performance.

Team members are supported to...

... develop and strengthen their solution focused, results oriented mindset and gain objectivity in relation to current challenges and projects.

Through the sessions team members realise new ideas and stretch their minds to embrace out of the box thinking, seeing beyond current limitations.

Collectively the team members become accountable to one another and identify opportunities to work collaboratively to overcome skills gaps as they strive toward the Vision.



All training is tailored to the needs of the individual client, organisation or business with a focus on creating a transformational experience for all involved.

This means rather than merely covering content, participants are taken on a journey designed to increase their awareness of self and of the possibilities and opportunities before them.

Some examples of the types of training are as follows:

Team Leaders

Supporting Leaders to explore the Mission, Vision and Values of the business and how these align with personal Values and purpose.

Inspire direct reports to significantly improve performance toward desired outcomes using critical thinking, creativity and collaboration.

Support team members to peak performance based on what motivates them through deep exploration of thinking and behavioural styles.

Address performance concerns and have difficult conversations with team members.

Manage time effectively to ensure the most important tasks are prioritised.
Building trust and focus of team members.

Team Members

Working collaboratively as a team.

Understanding how to meet own needs in the work environment.

Master the art of maintaining your mojo regardless of the task and feel valued every day.

Understanding our behavioural style and preferences and how to get along with others who have different styles and preferences.

Effective time management.

Working with difficult people.

Types of training packages

Lunch and Learn (45 mins)

Staff Meetings

2hr staff workshop

Half day workshop

Full day workshop

Tailored progressive whole staff program of 4 quarterly 2hr focus sessions

How much does it cost?

Investment depends on content, number of participants and duration.

Complete your details below & arrange a complimentary consultation to determine the best options to meet your requirements and budget.

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