Inspired Team Training


Do you sometimes feel like your team are not on the same page?

Do you worry that you may lose some great employees because they don’t seem as engaged as they once were?

When our employees believe what they do everyday matters and feel valued in their work, they maintain higher levels of engagement and collaborate more effectively with their teammates.

Providing opportunities for your staff to participate in specialized team training not only improves employee productivity, it also increases creativity, collaboration and critical thinking.

Group of business people, designers and software developers working as a team in office

Some Examples of Inspired Team Training

  • The Secret to getting what I need from my work.
  • Mastering the art of maintaining your mojo regardless of the task and feel valued every day.
  • Understanding our behavioural style and preferences and how to collaborate with others who have different styles and preferences.
  • Work smarter rather than harder. Effective time management.
  • Working with difficult people.
Focused young diverse teammates working with caucasian team leader on IT startup project kanban organization process, discussing details and tasks, writing notes on colorful paper stickers at office.

Professional development training for people Leading others

  • Supporting leaders to explore the Mission, Vision and Values of the business and how these align with personal values and purpose.
  • Inspire direct reports to significantly improve performance toward desired outcomes using critical thinking, creativity and collaboration.
  • Support team members to peak performance based on what motivates them through deep exploration of thinking and behavioural styles.
  • Address performance concerns and have difficult conversations with team members.
  • Manage time effectively to ensure the most important tasks are prioritised.
  • Building trust and focus of team members

A range of tailored Training Packages are available from a 45 minute Lunch and Learn through to tailored progressive whole staff programs with quarterly focus sessions.

Prices start from $500

Do you feel like there is something you should be doing and don't know what it is?

A little self doubt, uncertainty and insecurity creeping in?

Coaching helps us reconnect with our sense of CONFIDENCE and get CLARITY on exactly what to do and how to do it.

Are you ready???

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