Leadership Team Program


Are your team all on the same page?

is everyone collaborating and working well together?

Do they come to you with problems and lack initiative sometimes?

Helping Leadership Teams of 2 or more people get in sync with the common mission and inspiring team members to take their productivity and creativity to the next level using strategies that give Leaders more time for what’s important.

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Phase 1-Setting Solid Foundations

Are your team all on the same page?

Is everyone collaborating and working well together?

Do they come to you with problems and lack initiative sometimes?

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Setting solid foundations ensures every member of the team is a great fit for what the business stands for.

They are passionate about their work and are unified in their belief that what they do matters.

When team members feel they are contributing to something greater than themselves, they work harder and stay longer in their job.

3x 90 Minute workshops with the Leadership Team

  • Create the Mission, Vision and Values of the business (or unpack existing organisations MVV) and how these align with personal Values and purpose.
  • Identify standards, beliefs and expectations of Leadership Team members in their roles.
  • Identify personal strengths of the members of the Leadership Team

$2475 incl GST

2x 90 Minute workshops with the Leadership Team

  • Unpacking the company Mission, Vision and Values, Standards, Beliefs and Expectations and how these relate to their every day roles.
  • Understanding personal strengths and challenges and embedding strategies to foster team collaboration and accountability.

$1650 incl GST

Phase 2-Building the Structure and Systems for Success

Do you find yourself stuck in the daily grind, wishing you had more time for planning and review?

Have you wondered if there are smarter or better ways to do some things?

Creative young business people working on business project in office

We can easily get stuck in our busy systems and routines and not have time to reflect on our own practices.

Creating time to prioritize reflection and system planning allows us to save both time and money as we step out of our daily work and take a helicopter view of what we are doing.

90 Minute Workshop with the Leadership Team

  • Identify the areas of the business structures
  • Determine most effective processes for work flow and decision making
  • Identifying red flags and strategies to address these proactively
  • Explore future opportunities
  • Discover practices that are hindering productivity and address these


90 Minute Whole Team Workshop

Understanding personal strengths and stretches and setting standards of performance


Phase 3- Bringing it all together to create an Exceptional workplace

Does the thought of addressing employee issues drain your energy?

Do you worry about whether your best team members will stay?

creative team holds a meeting in the lobby of the office.photo with copy space

When we are confident and certain in our roles as Leaders, provide opportunities for our team members to contribute their own ideas and we provide timely feedback, people stay with an employer longer and are more satisfied in their role.

90 Minute Workshop with the Leadership Team

  • Inspire direct reports to significantly improve performance toward desired outcomes using critical thinking, creativity and collaboration.
  • Support team members to peak performance based on what motivates them through deep exploration of thinking and behavioural styles.
  • Address performance concerns and have difficult conversations with team members.
  • Manage time effectively to ensure the most important tasks are prioritized.


90 Minute Whole Team Workshop

Setting personal performance goals with embedded accountability to fellow team members.


Or take the full Workplace Leadership Team Program with Team Workshops for $7,425

Do you feel like there is something you should be doing and don't know what it is?

A little self doubt, uncertainty and insecurity creeping in?

Coaching helps us reconnect with our sense of CONFIDENCE and get CLARITY on exactly what to do and how to do it.

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